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ArcanaBio receives a 20m ISK grant from Icelandic Technology Fund for a Rapid COVID-19 Saliva Test

ArcanaBio, has announced the receipt of a significant ISK 20 million (approximately USD 150,000) grant from the Technology Development Fund of Iceland. This investment is earmarked for the development of a rapid COVID-19 saliva test in collaboration with Professor Karl G. Kristinsson and the Department of Microbiology at the University Hospital of Iceland. The funding agreement is for 2 years.

Kristján Már, CEO of ArcanaBio, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the collaboration. "This substantial grant allows us to accelerate our efforts in combatting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We're thrilled to collaborate with Professor Kristinsson and the University Hospital to develop a new rapid saliva test platform that can support the efforts for rapid and effective detection of Covid-19 using Saliva instead of difficult to use and time consuming Nasopharyngeal swabs," he said.


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