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ArcanaBio announces new collaboration agreement with University Hospital of Iceland

ArcanaBio, has secured a first-of-its-kind collaboration agreement with the University Hospital of Iceland's Department of Microbiology. This landmark arrangement allows ArcanaBio to extensively work within the University Hospital Lab, providing direct access to its facilities and enables the company to work much effectively on important research and development projects.

ArcanaBio will also relocate its offices and move exclusively into the Department of Microbiology at Armúli 1a laboratory facilities in Reykjavík.

"This is an important milestone for us in terms of now having a direct access to critical facilities and microbiology operations at the University Hospital" said Kristján Már, CEO of the firm. "Having direct access to the facilities of the University Hospital and working in such close proximity with the Department of Microbiology will significantly bolster our capabilities. It also signals a progressive and cooperative approach between academia and the Icelandic biotech startup community that we are proud to be a part of here in Iceland."

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