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ArcanaBio awarded ISK 9m grant for rapid detection of Antimicrobial Resistance

ArcanaBio, is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of ISK 9 million (approximately USD 70,000) from Sýklalyfjaónæmis- og súnusjóð, the Icelandic Fund for Antibiotic Resistance and Sepsis, supported jointly by the Icelandic Ministry of health & the Icelandic Ministry of food.

The funding will propel ArcanaBio's research aimed at developing rapid diagnostic tests to combat antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and swiftly identify dangerous resistance genes.

"This small but very important grant greatly aids our mission to confront one of the most pressing health challenges of our time - antimicrobial resistance," said Kristján Már, CEO of ArcanaBio. "Our goal is to create innovative diagnostic tools that can quickly and accurately detect resistant strains, that can potentially be used out of the laboratory setting and within point-of-care.


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