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Arcana approved by RSK to be allowed to offer Icelandic angel investors tax breaks on investment

ArcanaBio is pleased to announce that the company has been granted a special tax break approval by Icelandic Tax Authorities.

The Icelandic Directorate of Internal Revenue (RSK) has approved ArcanaBio to offer specific tax incentives to Icelandic angel investors. This decision will permit private investors in Iceland as well as couples to benefit from special tax deductions when investing in ArcanaBio, up to 35% (in some cases)

Details of the Tax Incentive

The tax incentives granted by RSK are aimed at encouraging investments within Iceland's startup and technology sectors.

An Opportunity for Icelandic Investors

The tax breaks approved by the RSK creates an opportunity for Icelandic angel investors interested in the biotechnology field. While this is a targeted and specific policy decision, it aligns with broader national strategies focusing on investments in emerging industries.

For further information about this special tax break scheme, and to calculate the potential tax rebate being offered by RSK please visit this link


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